About Us


Who We Are

Artmerit is a platform for artists, galleries and collectors that specializes in contemporary art. Our goal is to publish exciting art events worldwide and show art trends. We are also looking for young, enthusiastic and committed artists to help them unleash their potential. It’s important for us to nourish a new generation of passionate artists and give them the support they deserve.


What We Do

Artmerit aims to change the working conditions of artists. We want to empower artists to create a sustainable and productive future – to create their art and their lives. And we encourage them to discover the hidden connections that hold them all together and start communicating with each other and the world in a whole new way.


Our Mission

ArtMerit.com is not just an art platform; it’s a testament to the merit embedded in an artist’s journey. Here, merit is defined beyond the realm of creation—it embodies the perseverance, dedication, and resilience required to evolve from a passionate enthusiast into a professional artist. At ArtMerit, our focus is on the untold stories of art, casting light on the lesser-known realities of the art world. We step beyond the routine and repetitious discourse, spotlighting instead the behind-the-scenes aspects of an artist’s life—the essential but often overlooked factors that significantly contribute to an artist’s professional journey. These hidden elements are the less glamorous yet crucial parts of the artistic process, the details that remain behind the canvas, out of sight from the public eye. ArtMerit serves as a beacon for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, who understand that an artistic career is not only fueled by passion but also navigated with savvy and strategy. Welcome to ArtMerit, where art discovers its merit and the concealed truths of an artist’s life are brought to light.

We are open to cooperation and suggestions, you can always contact us by sending an email: info@artmerit.com