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A Diverse Palette of Creativity, Connection, and Surprises — Colossal


March 18, 2024

The Other Art Fair

Jillian Tackaberry, “Another Dimension” (2021), acrylic on embroidery

Art is in the air. The Other Art Fair returns for its sixth Chicago edition, taking place April 11 to 14 at Artifact Events in Ravenswood. Happening across a bustling art scene weekend, this is where you can buy directly from artists.

Unlike traditional gallery settings where art can feel inaccessible, The Other Art Fair encourages attendees to connect with 110 handpicked independent artists in person, gaining insight into their creative processes and inspirations.

Beyond the captivating visual feast, attendees will experience a dynamic program featuring performances, live DJ sets, food trucks, an edible installation by Chicago’s own Hyun Jung Jun of Dream Cake Test Kitchen curated by Colossal (Opening Night only), and inflatable sculptures by artists Matthew Hoffman and Claire Ashley.

For an added element of surprise, visitors can participate in this year’s Art Swap Shop allowing participants to bring in original art and trade it for another piece of art. The catch? You won’t know what you’re swapping for until you get it!

Ahead of the main event, we’re highlighting five pairings of artists based on shared themes, offering a look at the diverse range of artistic practices at this year’s fair.


Abstract Artists Working in Thread 

Intrigued by mixed media, Deanne Rieves weaves acrylics, brush strokes, chalk, and colored pencil lines. With free-motion machine embroidery, she creates tactile pieces, aiming to balance strength and fragility.

Chicago artist Jillian Tackaberry, known for precision in geometric elements and gestural ink drips, creates depth in balanced dualism through her abstract brush strokes.


Elena Gatti, “the checkered bun” (2019), digital on paper, limited edition of 50

Artists Working With Major Names

Elena Gatti is a Chicago artist who shares a world of words, animals, color, and human experiences while exploring mental health, well-being, and dreams to connect and bring joy to others. Inspired by her folky style, Harry Styles used her designs for his tour merch.

Self-taught Chicago artist EDO (Eddie Santana White) navigates multiple disciplines with his style, “Infinite Inception.” From urban fashion collaborations to impactful exhibitions, he envisions healing and inspiring the world through creativity. He most recently collaborated with KITH and The Arte Haus for their 2024 Artist Series Capsule. 


Ellen Sherman, “Sneaking Up on Plants” (2022), acrylic on canvas

Fair Favorites Where the Brushstroke Reigns Supreme

Ann Arbor artist Ellen Sherman explores personal folklore through acrylic, wood, and cut-up canvas. Her work, in collections worldwide, delves into identity, authenticity, and human experience.

Abstract painter Gina Gaetz explores discovery, growth, and stillness through water-based mediums. Her meditative process invites adaptability, creating dreamlike works intended to soothe the mind and foster contemplation.


Monica Griffin, “In the Wild: Joshua Tree” (2023), framed limited edition photograph

Landscape Photographers New to the Chicago Fair

Multidisciplinary artist Monica Griffin captures the essence of natural landscapes through carefully composed paintings and photography, invoking wonder while advocating for environmental appreciation and action.

Matthew O’Shea distills solo travel landscapes, capturing distance, atmosphere, and monumental forms. His goal is to create meditative artwork for homes and workplaces through thoughtful photography.


Arthur Sangster, “Afternoon Leisure” (2023), oil on canvas

Tender Queer Subject Matter 

Queer Saint Louis-born painter Arthur Sangster explores queer sexuality, identity, and relationships, addressing themes like loss, trauma, interracial situationships, and self-discovery in his impactful, themed paintings.

Gyan Samara, a seasoned fauvist-realist painter, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and the male form through vibrant acrylic marker works on handmade paper or clayboard.

See work by all these artists and more at The Other Art Fair’s Chicago edition on view April 11 to 14. 


Grab your tickets for an unforgettable weekend at theotherartfair.com.



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