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French artist Invader began his signature practice in the late 1990s, plastering mosaic Space Invaders, a character from a 1978 Atari game, on the streets of Paris. Joined by Pac-Man ghosts and other popular 8-bit characters, the works soon became a familiar sight in cities around the world, from Los Angeles to Kathmandu.

Also known as Space Invader, he is an Urban artist originally based in Paris. Once a work is completed, Invader records it as an “invasion” and creates accompanying maps and reference books to indicate the location of each piece.

Los Angeles, California (2018)

Invader began his ‘invasion’ in 1998. The Louvre, the Hollywood hill, the walls of Paris, Montpellier (with fellow artist ZEVS), and in random order, Aix-en-Provence, Frankfurt, London, Miami, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Los Angeles and Vienna, the underwater depths of the Bay of Cancún and outer space with the International Space Station. Twenty years on, he has affixed more than 3,400 mosaics worldwide in over 70 cities.

“Going into a city with tiles and cement and invading it,” says anonymous French street artist Invader of his craft. “This is the most addictive game I have ever played.”

Versailles, France (2017)

“I have never been tempted to reveal my identity,” the artist has said. “What I do and create is more important than who exactly I am.”

Below are more of our favorite pieces from Invader around the world (and even in space)!

Rabat, Morocco (2017)

Malaga, Spain (2017)

Darmstadt, Germany (2015)

Tanzania (2015)

Ravenna, Italy (2014)

Tokyo, Japan (2014)

Swiss Alps, Anzere, Switzerland (2014)

London, UK (2013)

Paris, France (2013)

Cancun, Mexico (2012)

Space Invasion from Miami, Florida (2012)

If you want to discover more about Invader visit our Invader Page!

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