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Artists Can Enter to Publish an Instructional Art Book

Are you an artist or crafter ready to dazzle the world with your talents? Have you always dreamed of being a published author? Then Walter Foster Publishing wants to hear from you!

As the world’s leading publisher of instructional art and craft books for adults and children, Walter Foster has been teaching beginning and aspiring artists how to draw, paint, craft, and create for nearly 100 years. And in anticipation of our centennial, we want you to join the celebration!

From October 1 through December 31, 2021, we are inviting artists of all disciplines to enter Walter Foster’s “Win a Book Deal” contest for an opportunity to author and publish an instructional art book with us!

Aspiring authors are invited to submit entries in the following categories: Drawing (any fine art medium), Painting (any fine art medium), Craft (eg. crochet, embroidery, polymer clay, jewelry making, etc.), and Other Art (mixed media, cartooning, paint pouring, block printing, manga/anime, etc.).

Submissions should be instructional in nature with practical tips, techniques, and step-by-step projects and/or lessons that demonstrate how to work in a specific medium. The goal is to teach beginning/first-time artists and/or hobbyists how to work with a specific medium or in a specific subject matter. Think of it as a beginning art class in a book.

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The Voice NFT Residency provides artists with resources to experiment in creating art that utilizes blockchain technology.

Daisy Youngblood is a portrait sculptor whose themes include the embracing of one’s mortality.

The project required 269,000 square feet of silvery-blue polypropylene fabric, 32,300 square feet of red rope, and the combined efforts of 1,200 workers.

The lineup, which changes every evening, includes Anne Carson, Arto Lindsay, Lafcadio Cass, and Rubin Kodheli.

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