ArtYard’s Living Exhibition Unfolds in Real Time in New Jersey

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ArtYard’s Living Exhibition Unfolds in Real Time in New Jersey

ArtYard is pleased to present Going to the Meadow, a living exhibition curated by Robin Hill and Ulla Warchol (BiolunarL).

As we continue to navigate pandemic-related challenges with a renewed urgency to confront systems of oppression and racism — all of which is further compounded by the looming climate crisis — we are in a moment of necessary paradigm shifts in every aspect of our lives. Going to the Meadow, staged in four parts, borrows a musical term to examine the essence of collaboration at this moment in time. The exhibition invites 16 artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to be in residence at ArtYard while taking part in tactile, verbal, and conceptual dialogues with one another, beginning with the question: What do we collectively care about?

In Going to the Meadow, ArtYard’s upper gallery becomes the artists’ studio and the surrounding Delaware River Basin landscape becomes an extended area of engagement. Through the recursive practice of replenishing the gallery with a curated set of materials, the curators are staging an experiment in spontaneous making. As the artists explore multiple modes of exchange, perspectives shift and are collected, traded, and acted upon. The exhibition, unfolding in real time, aspires to prioritize process over outcome, the collective over the individual, play over work, and an equal embrace of success and failure.

As curators, Hill and Warchol define their roles broadly to include facilitation, interpretation, and translation of the artists’ visualizations. During the exhibition’s three-month span, visitors will observe the artists at work and at play and engage with a study-based installation, sourced from the artists’ individual practices, in the lower gallery. The work produced will culminate into one large-scale installation in November.

When: September 15–December 30, 2021
Where: ArtYard, 13 Front Street, Frenchtown, NJ 08825 
Conversation Series Schedule & Registration: 

Participating Artists
Lisa Rybovich Crallé, Iris Cushing, SHENEQUA, Shayok Mukhopadhyay, Ramekon O’Arwisters, Hannah Chalew, Joanne Douglas, Andrew Sullivan, Carmen Argote, Milcah Bassell, Angela Willetts, Yvonne Shortt, Anna Mayer, Sophia Wang, Dahlia Elsayed, and Minoosh Zomorodinia.

About ArtYard
ArtYard is an incubator for creative expression and a catalyst for collaborations that reveal the metamorphic power of art. Located in Frenchtown, NJ in the Delaware River Valley, a 75-minute drive from New York City and Philadelphia, the interdisciplinary alternative contemporary art center comprises exhibition space, a theater, and a residency program, all of which are dedicated to presenting transformative artwork, fostering unexpected collaborations, and incubating original new work.

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