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Hand quilting can prove difficult without the help of a hoop or a frame. Serving as an extra pair of hands, quilt frames and hoops are structures that hold all three components of a quilt—the batting, top, and backing—and keep each piece taut while you work so you can achieve straight lines, even stitches, and pucker-free patterns. Models are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from handheld designs you keep on your lap to free-standing frames that rest on the floor. Browse our selection of the best quilt frames below.

1. Frank A. Edmunds American Legacy Full Size Quilt Frame

Our favorite frame for most projects is this study hardwood model designed with traditional Colonial quilting frames in mind. With four legs anchored by cross-form bases, it provides a stable support for relatively large and heavy projects. Its height can be adjusted to suit your favorite quilting chair and its width can extend from 45 to 90 inches; it also features solid rods to keep your fabrics steady and taut as you work. Its detachable components make for easy disassembly and storage. Our only gripe is that the initial setup of parts is a little complicated.

2. Dritz Quilter’s Floor Frame

Full-size floor frames can be expensive. If you’re eager to save some money, consider this PVC pipe frame. Sure, it’s not as attractive as a wooden frame, but it will serve you just as well. This frame measures 28 by 39 inches, which is big enough to accommodate two people at once, and it stands 31.5 inches high. Since it’s made of plastic, it’s also incredibly light and can be quickly assembled and disassembled without tools; the pipes simply snap together. Still, it can support pieces as big as a king-size quilt, and the weight of your fabric effectively helps prevent the light frame from wobbling. As an added bonus, you can adjust the work surface to tilt to any of four angles to suit your quilting position.


3. Frank Edmunds Hoop and Floor Stand

Made of hardwood, this frame measures 31 inches in diameter and stands at a comfortable height to use while sitting. The device does well in holding work tight and wrinkle free, and the base stays steady as you sew. The hoop easily swivels so you can reach different parts of your quilt, and it can be removed from the stand for convenient storage. While it’s too small and light to support full-size quilts, you can create baby blankets, decorative pieces, even one of those quilt coats that are currently all the rage.

4. Dritz Quilt-N-Go Lap Frame

Lightweight and portable, this 14-by-14-inch PVC frame is ideal for lap quilting or quilt-as-you go projects. Like Dritz’s full-size PVC frame highlighted above, it snaps together without tools, and the rods hold the fabric in place as you assemble and piece together individual blocks. Its size makes it a great choice for student quilters who commute to classrooms or workshops and prefer to focus on one section at a time, but we’d also recommend this for more advanced quilters seeking a smaller frame. It’s also available at a fraction of the price of other options on this list.

5. Grace Frame Start-Right Hand Quilting Frame

The biggest model on our list, this floor frame can extend out to 99 inches. You can use two other lengths: 67 inches and 35 inches, and you can adjust its angle by turning a side knob and tilting the frame to one of four positions. It measures 30 inches at its tallest point. Its three-rail system handles your fabrics and maintains tension without the need to baste: Each layer gets rolled onto its own rail before they all come together. The Baltic birch wood is handsome and lightweight, yet strong to support heavier pieces. Note that it comes unfinished, so if you prefer a layer of protection, you’ll have to add it yourself.

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