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“Beyond Walls” by Saype in Venice, Italy – StreetArtNews

Artist and innovator Saype presents his new creation, making Venice part of his Beyond Walls global human chain. The work, which is sailing through the Serenissima on the occasion of the Biennale Art, has been unveiled on April 21.

Giant biodegradable landart painting by French-Swiss artist Saype from the Beyond Walls project on Friday April 15, 2022 on a floating barge in Venice, Italy. Extending over an area of 8 by 30 meters this fresco was created using biodegradable pigments made out of charcoal, chalk, water and milk proteins. The piece will travel in and around Venice and will be unveiled during the Biennale Arte 2022 59th International Art Exhibition. (Valentin Flauraud for Saype)

An exhibition dedicated to Beyond Walls is held at Torre di Porta Nuova dell’Arsenale Nord. To open the exhibition, Karole Vail, Director of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and Francesca Lavazza, Board member of the Lavazza Group, will join Saype for a meeting entitled “Art and Sustainability”, a paradigm that perfectly sums up the ephemeral and striking nature of the artist’s work.  

“Beyond Walls” is a monumental project launched by Saype based on a premise: the world is polarized, a part of the population has chosen to withdraw into itself. However, Saype underlines it:

I am deeply convinced that it is together that humanity will be able to respond to the different challenges it will have to overcome“.

It is from this conviction that the desire was born to share a positive message of mutual aid and common effort throughout the world by symbolically creating the largest human chain ever made in the world.

The project started in 2019 from Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and travels the world from city to city with the ambition to cross the 5 continents and connect people from all over the world.

Saype creates monumental frescoes on grass, earth, sand and snow. Inventor of an eco-responsible painting, he is recognized as the pioneer of an artistic movement that jointly honors street art and landart. 

His innovative approach and technique earned him a 2019 Forbes Magazine nomination as one of the thirty most influential people under thirty in art and culture. New York, Paris, Geneva, Cape Town, Turin, Dubaï, Nairobi, Istanbul, Ouagadougou, Miami, (…) his poetic and ephemeral works travel around the world to impact mentalities in respect of nature.

Take a look below for more photos of the project.

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