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Last March 15th, Volery Gallery opened Domesticity, its inaugural exhibition curated by Sasha Bogojev Curator and Contributing Editor at Juxtapoz Magazine. The group exhibition presents a selection of all-new, previously unseen, original works by 17 international artists. The presentation revolves around the exploration of interior spaces as the fated environment for mankind.

The exhibition brings together works by artists whose practice has always been revolving around the depiction of their domestic environment, such as Cherkit; Lozano; Ralaivao and Treiber. As well as the works of artists whose interest frequently switches between their outdoor and indoor surroundings, including Brown; Dieng; Heidkamp and Yanai. Also presented are artists whose work results from diverse studio/homebound explorations and that includes Ayotunde; Barriga; Benzo; Kerwick and Kindberg. Domesticity primarily pays tribute to our destined old/new habitat. Depicting different angles of universally recognised domiciliary settings along with details capturing the familiar warmth of home surroundings, the works are also imbued with the thread of tension, anxiety, or even eeriness. With troubling uncertainty awaiting behind the walls of these safe enclosures, the artists are capturing the beauty and cosiness of the abode while suggesting the outside’s gloom.

With the hope that the coming months will allow us all to switch our focus back beyond our doors and windows, Domesticity is symbolically marking this historic moment in time and the way it affected our eternal need to capture and express ourselves. -Sasha Bogojev

Scroll down below and take a look at more images of the exhibition and its opening night.

Photo Credits: Alina Khamatova, CBB Photography

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