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Editions/Artists’ Books Fair Online Opens on October 18

Editions/Artists’ Books Fair (E/AB Fair) gathers an exciting and accomplished community of publishers and galleries to showcase the latest creations by hundreds of artists in a safe online environment.

Included among 51 international exhibitors are Anémona Editores, Mexico City, Mexico; Highpoint Editions, Minneapolis, Minnesota; KIDO Press, Inc., Tokyo, Japan; MoMA Library Council, New York, New York; Tchikebe, Marseille, France; and Two Cents Press, Serrazzano, Italy.

Presented by the Lower East Side Printshop in New York City, the fair is open from October 18–31 with free access to the general public on its website.

For more information, visit eabfair.org.

Hear from Holly Jean Buck, Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas, Simon Denny, Elizabeth Hoover, Renee Kemp-Rotan, Joseph Kunkel, and more at this free public event.

Tanega’s approach to mark-making comes across as stream of consciousness, as if she’s engaged in a conversation with herself.

Starting Monday, readers can borrow one of 50 rare and out-of-print titles, mailed to them completely free of charge, from Saint Heron Library.

EFA Open Studios offers a portal into the creative habitats of over 65 artists working in Manhattan’s longest-running studio program, including Dannielle Tegeder, Wafaa Bilal, Cui Fei, and Anina Major.

This is Yuskavage’s great gift, turning upside down our settled ways of thinking and seeing and, with ease, transforming the vulgar and ridiculous into the sublime.

Over 160 artworks, including rarely seen works on paper, illuminate Etta Cone’s vision and her role in creating the Baltimore Museum of Art’s mammoth Matisse collection.

While hardly about the pandemic, or any of the other crises so afflicting us, all are invoked in this exhibition, which is also often tender and profoundly soulful.

These glowing, dynamic artworks reproduce something of Bosch’s chaotic energy, but on an immersive, multi-sensory scale.

This week, addressing a transphobic comedy special on Netflix, the story behind KKK hoods, cultural identity fraud, an anti-Semitic take on modern art, and more.

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