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Is there any better combination than art and music? Yes there is…Art, music, AND a cold adult beverage!

We’re impressed with Erik Burke’s new piece which he’s been calling “Top 20” in collaboration with Reno Nevada’s Record Street Brewing Co.

The idea began with Record Street Brewery‘s Jesse Corletto bringing some pre-selected albums to Reno’s own Erik Burke aka OU. From there the project came to life on a wall outside the brewery/pizza restaurant/live music venue.

The painted spines are shown a little worn and tattered, as real vinyl lovers know the music is to be played and not just appreciated as decor. Some great musical choices went into this piece, with classics from so many genres honored in paint. We appreciate the nod to The Velvet Underground & Nico’s classic LP with album artwork and production by iconic Andy Warhol.

Erik lives in Reno, NV and creates place-specific murals throughout the world. His latest work can be seen in Bosnia and Herzegovina, S. Korea, Italy, and closer to home in Reno. His work has been published in the book ‘Street Art; The Best Urban Art from Around the World’, ‘Outdoor Gallery’, The Huffington Post, & The NYTimes.

The artist’s previous works have included making a 40 acre ground drawing in the USA, creating a body of work while bicycling from Portugal to the exhibition gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark , becoming the de facto resident Artist of Lassen County Jail while serving time for graffiti, and seeking out decommissioned spaces for wheat pastes. Throughout that time he have continually returned to the inspiration of geography and identifying a sense of place.

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