Gaika’s NFT Project for Voice Turns Viewers Into Participants

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Gaika’s NFT Project for Voice Turns Viewers Into Participants

Of the many innovations on the rise in the digital space, generative art is perhaps the least understood. Mention the term outside the digital art world, and you’ll likely send someone running straight to Google. However, an opportunity to introduce people to the era of generative art is here at last — and it’s interactive.

Gaika Tavares (image courtesy the artist)

When planning for his NFT Residency project at Voice, British multidisciplinary artist Gaika Tavares’s vision was to involve the audience in creating a series of audiovisual moments. Here’s how it works: Gaika is hosting Live From War Island, a series of livestreams where the flow of global data, collected from Voice analytics and blockchain activity, will transform the art in real time. For those new to the space, this means what viewers see on their screens will change based on how people are interacting with the platform at that moment.

Gaika’s experiment represents an opportunity to introduce a new audience to the many possibilities of generative art. His project is made possible through the Voice NFT Residency, which provides artists with resources to explore creating while utilizing blockchain technology.

What’s created during these livestreams will then be memorialized forever as a series of NFTs. It’s a full-circle moment for fans of the artist, who will be able to participate in — and then own — a piece of the art.

Explore the project and tune into the last livestream at

Screenshot of “Welcome to War Island,” a livestream produced by Gaika x Voice

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