Golden Artist Colors Launches New “High-Flow” Acrylics

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Golden Artist Colors Launches New “High-Flow” Acrylics

Golden Artist Colors, the beloved New York paint company that just celebrated its one-year anniversary as a 100% employee-owned business, has released 37 new colors in an expansion of its High Flow Acrylics collection. The pigments include additional fluorescents, iridescents, and light-value tints that are generally popular among other Golden Acrylic color lines.

Not to be confused with inks, Golden’s high-flow acrylics are extremely thin, multifaceted paints developed with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion for a strong, long-lasting application with remarkable water and chemical resistance. According to the company, artists can use the high-flow acrylics for large- and small-scale projects in a variety of ways, including but not limited to calligraphy and fine line details, airbrushing, standard brush painting, and so on.

The pigments employed are finely ground and mixed with flow improvers, film levelers, and retardants to prevent clogging in tools like dip pens, airbrush machines, and small nozzle bottles.

Detail shot of Diana Cooper’s “Highwire” (2016) on view at the Moss Art Center at Virginia Tech. Cooper used Golden’s high-flow acrylics in paint marker format on Photo Tex. (image courtesy Diana Cooper)

Mixed-media artist Diana Cooper told Hyperallergic she’s long been “a great fan” of Golden’s acrylics and high-flows.

“I use their high-flow acrylics in a particular way,” she said. “I put it in an empty paint marker, which allows me to draw with it on any surface. I could not have done my installation ‘Highwire,’ where I drew onto Photo Tex, without the varied and true colors that Golden produces.”

Cooper custom-designed “Highwire” (2016) to be displayed at the Moss Art Center at Virginia Tech for nearly three years, and it was the first time the artist had ever used Photo Tex, a removable adhesive fabric that made up the panels of the large-scale installation.

A sneak peak of Golden’s new Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) paint from the high flow acrylics expansion (image courtesy Golden Artist Colors)

Golden’s senior brand manager, Bryce Lampe, elaborated on the company’s color choices for the high-flow acrylic expansion.

“We added three fluorescent colors and three iridescent colors,” Lampe told Hyperallergic. “The existing Fluorescent and Iridescent colors have been among the most popular High Flow colors, and these additions bring even greater breadth and versatility. And now, for the first time, we have two color-shifting Interference colors in the line.”

Lampe also wanted to draw attention to the nine additional light-value paints that were added to the collection and how they’re a uniquely beneficial supply to have on deck.

A refillable paint marker using Fluorescent Magenta (image courtesy Golden Artist Colors)

“We debuted many of these colors in our Heavy Body line in 2018, and they have been extremely popular with artists,” he said. “These convenient tints can be difficult to mix consistently — requiring just the slightest amount of pigment added to white. Having them available pre-made from Golden allows artists to find the same clean, bright mixes every time they paint.”

The novel additions are denoted with the word “NEW” on the updated color chart on Golden’s website. High-flow acrylic bottles are now available in 1-ounce, 4-ounce, and 16-ounce sizes through local art supply retailers across the United States.

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