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“Google Car” by Biancoshock in Corsica – StreetArtNews

Italian artist Biancoshock is back with a new site specific sculpture for Popularte Festival – Corsica. The sculpture features the artist’s rendition of a Google maps car.

Time flows and each place requires a different speed. In the cities everything must be updated in real time, in the small villages nothing changes so quickly. Google Cars are the examples of the need to be always updated, informed and reachable. They continuously map the cities, while rarely passing through small towns.

Biancoshock, during a festival in the mountains of Corsica, noted on Google Maps that the Google Car passed once in that village in 2009 and then never again. On the hood of the abandoned Google Car there is a local map that helps visitors orientate themselves in the mountains (even if the sculpture has been placed out of the maps…)

From the beginning, Biancoshock expresses himself mainly through independent urban installations, different from each other in terms of technique, materials and subjects, but united by the same intent: to offer a starting point for reflection – sometimes ironically, other times provocatively – to the passer-by, trying to emotionally disturb his daily routine.

Check out below to view more photos of the installation.

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