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“Ground Water” by Andreco in Reggio Emilia, Italy – StreetArtNews

Italian artist and scientist Andreco (Andrea Conte, Rome, 1978) recently worked on a project entitled “Ground Water” exhibited in the courtyard and in the windows of SpazioC21 at Palazzo Brami, Reggio Emilia.

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The group of works – made up of four large canvases and a sculptural installation staged in the center of the courtyard – deals with the theme of water, its life and its shortage. The works express the artist’s investigation of an extremely contemporary theme in our society: the effects of climate change on the environment in which we live.

“In the paintings the protagonist is the void – Andreco says – the space conquered by the water resources thanks to physical-chemical phenomena of transformation of matter. The canvases reveal the invisible, show the glow that illuminates the underground cavities, observed from the dark perspective of their interior. The aim is to build a safe space of care and respect for deep geologies and natural resources, an indispensable action to establish a symbiotic balance between living beings and the planetary ecosystem of which they are part" ..”The sculpture reminds a rain drop the instant it touches the surface of the water table.”

Andreco’s reflection on water, integrated into the meta-theme of environmental sustainability and climate change at the heart of his artistic reflection, reminds the observer of his responsibilities towards the environment. The drop of water is a metaphor for life; Its absence is the end of it.

Artist Andreco works in wide range of media including public installations, drawings, paintings, videos and murals. Inspired by the elements of nature, rocks and minerals, he uses them to teach about and further his work on environmental sustainability, urbanism, ecology and symbolism. On the base of this researches he is creating new symbols. His art practice is highly reflective of his knowledge of environmental issues and urban sustainability.

Take a look below for more images of “Ground Water”.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Cicconi

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