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Italian artist Giulio Vesprini have recently turned another basketball court into one of his impressive canvasses. His new mural entitled “H O R I Z O N” is located in Treviglio/Bergamo, Italy for Street Art Ball Project.

“H O R I Z O N” / Struttura G052 is born from the sampling of the shades that derive from the surrounding environment, the green of the park that delineates the basketball court, the blues of the sky and the reds of the scorching sun during the games; a color-space that affirms itself in the urban fabric becoming a territorial landmark increasingly distant from the idea of a former parking lot but closer to the new forms of urban tactics.

“The idea is part of a research path dedicated to abstract horizontal landscape, for me, urban art is always an interpretation of the places I visit, I try to give the city a completely new vision of architecture.”

Giulio Vesprini was born in 1980 in Civitanova Marche (Italy) where he lives and works. He moves freely from graphic to illustration, from painting to street art, from video and photo to architecture. His research focused on several fronts including land art and urban culture. Giulio Vesprini prefer simple lines similar to his graphic and architectural origins.

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