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“Heart is Aching” by Case Maclaim in Aalborg, Denmark – StreetArtNews

German urban artist Case Maclaim recently worked on his second mural in Aalborg, Denmark as part of Kirk Gallery’s Out In The Open. The mural “Heart Is Aching” features Maclaim’s colleague Curtis Hylton as a reminder of remembering the good moments and best friends in everyday life.

“Not sure you have ever prepared for a project that means a lot to you, but so do a thousand other things. Needed a reminder on how to cheer myself up that’s why I painted the amazing artist @curtishylton Looking at a friendly, familiar face while painting is a real help! Thanks Curtis. Hope the little smile on his knee will cheer someone else up, that needs a quick reminder on how silly life is, no matter the heartache”, said Case Maclaim.

In line with this Case Maclaim also managed to prepare a solo show entitled “Be A Mensch” for the event.

“With the pressure of creating a solo show, you have to know what you wish to express. I am so used to create murals on the spot, in different settings, different countries, all while being judged and looked at by bystanders and visitors, fans and neighbours. Working in the studio has become really challenging and very different and lonely at times. The similarities in both my indoor and outdoor works, is that I wish to create not only a canvas or a mural, but a chance for the viewer to tell their very own story, with my paintings as a source of inspiration.

’A Mensch’ | Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 120×100 cm

The topic I chose for my current canvases is Being A Mensch. A Mensch, is someone with a noble character, a person of dignity and a sense of responsibility. A Mensch is someone, I desire to be. A Mensch is what I want all my canvases to represent.
I painted all eleven canvases with the intent to show what being a Mensch means to me. Stay Humble, yours truly, Case. ”

Check out below for more photos of Case Maclaim’s work.

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