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Join a Conversation With Nancy Rubins and Tyler Green

Artists’ Legacy Foundation invites you to a conversation with 2021 Artist Award recipient Nancy Rubins and Tyler Green, historian, author, and producer/host of The Modern Art Notes Podcast. They will explore highlights from Rubins’s recent work and connect them to her larger practice.

This online event will take place on Friday, October 22 at 4pm (PST) / 7pm (EST) via Zoom. Registration is free and easy: Sign up here.

Nancy Rubins creates dynamic sculptures and drawings that investigate the liminality between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, and the intersection of engineering and art. Rubins uses a wide range of materials including boats, mattresses, airplane parts, trailers, and cast animal sculptures to compose large-scale artworks that hang in midair. Her densely-packed graphite drawings mimic sheet metal and extend the conversation about the way we use and re-use metal in contemporary culture. Two of her works are currently on view in Nancy Rubins: Our Friend Fluid Metal, which can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago through Fall 2022.

Tyler Green is an award-winning author, historian, and critic. Since 2011 he has produced and hosted The Modern Art Notes Podcast, the celebrated American audio program featuring artists, curators, and historians. His latest book, Emerson’s Nature and the Artists: Idea as Landscape, Landscape as Idea, was published in September 2021.

Register for Nancy Rubins in Conversation With Tyler Green to join the talk on October 22.

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