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“Keep Your Eyes Open” is the latest collaboration by artistic duo Atelier Louves and TAVU. The impressive mural is located at 70, Chemin Des Deux Maisons, 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert, Brussels, Belgium.

Through this project, we would like to emphasize the importance of different points of view and the viewpoint of each person, especially on ecology. The idea is to evoke an environment that is both urban and green. The contrast between the very balanced and geometric letters and the much more organic and vegetal elements, evokes the cohabitation between architecture and nature. The choice of colors on the one hand very contrasted and on the other hand softer and fresh, also evokes this cohabitation. The phrase “keep your eyes open” suggests the human aspect. The role and responsibility of man for a sustainable balance between the construction and preservation of green spaces in urban areas. In a time of constraints, it is essential to keep your eyes open above the mask that protects us. Keep your eyes open invites the viewer to take a new look at the future, a modern, innovative world that is both close and open to the outside.

Atelier Louves is an artistic collective from Brussels, created by Cathy Gagalis Vega, graphic designer, and Clarisse Jeghers, art therapist and illustrator. The artists meet at La Cambre and unite their skills in 2017. They are known for their unique dreamlike patterns, repeating prints, geometric and universal patterns.

Check out below for more photos of the project.

Photo credits: @françoisreunis, @shootmeifyoucan, @tavu

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