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LED Neon and Wallpaper Collection – StreetArtNews

Yellowpop, the leading designer and manufacturer of LED neon signs, is excited to announce its latest collection of seven quintessential LED neon signs and four wallpaper prints inspired by iconic artist, Tom Wesselmann. The collaboration celebrates Wesselmann’s influential career and expands Yellowpop’s collection of contemporary pop art-inspired neon signs.

The Tom Wesselmann Estate is one of the most respected names in the art world, dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of the legendary Pop Art artist. The new collection of LED neon signs from Yellowpop is a perfect embodiment of Wesselmann’s artistic vision, featuring bold colors, clean lines, and iconic images.

The seven LED neon signs are inspired by Wesselmann’s most celebrated works, including his iconic “Smokers”, “Great American Nude” and “Still Life” series. Each sign features a combination of bright colors and high-quality LED neon lighting, providing an eye-catching and energy-efficient way to bring the iconic imagery into any space.

Yellowpop’s co-founder, Jeremy Cortial, said, “We are honored to collaborate with Artestar and bring Tom Wesselmann’s iconic imagery to a new generation of art lovers. This collection perfectly aligns with Yellowpop’s mission to create high-quality and innovative neon signs inspired by contemporary pop art.

The seven LED neon signs and wallpaper prints from the Tom Wesselmann collection will be available exclusively on Yellowpop’s website starting from May 11th, 2023. Pricing for the neon collection ranges between $299-$949. Wallpaper starts at $40 per roll.

Yellowpop is a home decor brand that’s on a mission to change the way we decorate our homes. Instead of simply filling it with commodities, we want to inspire our community to think more about design and the role our products play in their lives. It’s your home. The objects inside of it should be a reflection of you. Our LED neon signs are designed to inspire boldness and bring joy. They speak to each person differently, and we love them because of the way they make us feel. At Yellowpop, our values are simple: Be bold, be bright, have fun. We believe everyone should have the chance to brighten their day with a neon sign. And we’re sharing the joy, one neon sign at a time. Together, with the global art and design community, we’re using the power of art to make the world a brighter place.

Partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy representing high-profile artists, photographers, designers and creatives.

Check out below for more photos from the collection.

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