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“Liber Libellula” by Jair Martinez in Turin, Italy – StreetArtNews

Street artist Jair Martinez recently worked on a new project entitled “Liber Libellula”in Settimo Torinese, Turin, Italy. The mural is part of the Insieme Si Può Fare Project, which involves young people and fights educational poverty.

Nature and the sky are the canvas for this illustrated story in which big trees, as far as the eye can see, create a stage where nature takes the leading role and inspires us. A body of water reflects the space via light and dark colours that tell the story of our paths all the way until ideas make an appearance, Muses, flashes of light: our passions.

Symbolic elements fluctuate before the Muses: the violin evokes music, the dance shoe makes us think of theatre and dance, a home – the place where our passions are born and grow. All of these are a clear call to the House of Music, the Song in itself.

The ‘Liber Libellula’ graffiti tells a story of freedom, change, grace, balance, transformation, hope – all embodied by the totem insect: the dragonfly. A heraldic emblem of joy and happiness, of love, of hope and of transformation. It is born in the water, but it flies away finishing its own life up in the air. For the Japanese, the dragonfly is a recurrent symbol; for the ancient native Americans dragonflies represented the soul of their dead; for the Mayas they represented Ixchel, the nocturnal deity related to medicine, the lunar rainbow lady of creativity and rebirth.

Check out below for more photos of the project.

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