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Urban artist Wesl just finished a mural entitled “LIBERTÉ” in “Place de la Mairie”, Taule, France. This piece is a part of The Mx Arts Tour 2021. “LIBERTÉ” is a reflection about the values and importance of a good education to the children — the importance of building good wings to be free and to fly.

We´re responsible for improving the present and creating the future. Art and culture is a common good that improves and transforms society at all levels.

Wesl is born in Toledo, Spain, a place where he began with the world of graffiti in 1991, with the need to express himself and change the gray walls that flood us in our daily lives, to give color and harmony, and from the street, a museum. He has participated in numerous national and international festivals, such as Meeting of Styles (Germany, Spain), Upfest (England), Yard5 (Berlin) and in different art fairs.

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