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“Madzarevic” by Wuper Kec in Ekaterinburg, Russia – StreetArtNews

Serbian artist Dejan Ivanovic presented his work in Ekaterinburg at the STENOGRAFFIA international street art festival. He has been working under the pseudonym Wuper Kec since 2007. The mural is placed in Ekaterinburg at Malysheva str., 56A. It is the second art object by a foreign author this year.

The work is done in the realism style. The art object resembles oil on canvas. Wuper Kec depicted a man peeling an apple against a carpet. He often saw carpets on the walls in Russian apartments. “This is an interesting tradition for me. I was inspired by the Soviet era, Soviet oil paintings. I like the style of that time,” said Wuper Kec.

The work was named Madzarevic in honor of the man depicted on the mural. The father of the artist’s friend  is the protagonist. Dejan often came to visit him, and the man shared his life stories. Therefore, the author decided to capture an important person in his work in Russia. Wuper has taken a photo of the future main character. «It was important for me that he did not pose. He behaved the way he does every day. I wanted to show an ordinary person in his usual environment,» the artist noted.

The author has chosen the apple to create a bright center at the work. Dejan made the figure of a man lighter, while the carpet was made in dark colors. Wuper analyzed several carpets to create an exact image of the Russian carpet. Then he combined the elements he liked and created his own version of the carpet on the wall, using blue, red, and muted yellow. As the result, the Wuper’s work in saturated colors stands out from the gray walls of surrounded houses. Thus, Dejan’s work puts together vivid images from the two countries, and integrates them harmoniously into the urban space.

Wuper Kec visited Ekaterinburg and took part in the STENOGRAFFIA festival for the first time. Dejan became a street artist 15 years ago. He started creating realistic murals 5 years ago. He has a lot of graffiti, tags, as well as large-scale art objects: portrait and genre art. The artist combines painting and street art. Wuper creates about 13 paintings on canvas and about 8 murals in a year.

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