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Moving Towards Summer At The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh | Artmag

The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh has launched its new programme of exhibitions for June, including the work of Kate Downie, Wendy Ramshaw and Jonathan Christie in separate shows, with pieces of work also available to view on the Gallery’s website, alongside illuminating videos.

Kate Downie‘s Between Seasons is centred round a series of ten tree paintings employing a longitudinal symmetry around a central horizon line, forming a mirror-like reflection. Each tree has been captured at six-month intervals and is shown moving in a perennial state of transition. Online gallery tours, a Meet the Artist and the option to see the paintings rotated 180 degrees are online, and there is a competition to win a signed copy of Kate’s publication accompanying the exhibition.

Wendy Ramshaw (1939-2018) is portrayed in Her Room of Dreams, a memorial exhibition to an enduringly-revered and significant voice in contemporary jewellery and sculpture. The show was confined to online-only during lockdown, and this is the first opportunity to view glimpses of her genius in person. The Gallery has prepared the exhibition on the theme of a theatrical stage set for Ramshaw’s jewellery, and there is the chance to win a copy of Wendy Ramshaw, The Scottish Gallery Collection

Jonathan Christie‘s Scratching the Surface is the painter’s second solo exhibition with the Gallery. Inspired by real places and objects, but reimagined into careful and perfectly-balanced compositions, Christie employs a variety of media and treatments. There is a Meet the Artist online on Thursday 10th June at 5pm, and a competition to win a copy of his publication Scratching the Surface, which he designed.

Two shows are scheduled for the future, that should entice the visitor back again and again: from 11th June, an exhibition marking the 70th birthday of versatile and popular Scottish artist Jock McFadyen, Lost Boat Party, running throughout the summer; and in July a major retrospective of painter Alexander Goudie (1933 – 2004), who was one of a generation of 1950’s Glasgow School of Art graduates who focused extraordinary talent and fresh, flamboyant energy onto all manner of projects, skilfully steering Scottish art in new directions.

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