Nominate an Art Teacher for the RJE Foundation’s Excellence in Teaching Award

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Nominate an Art Teacher for the RJE Foundation’s Excellence in Teaching Award

Have you had an art, music, drama, or writing teacher who made a difference in your life? Show your appreciation by nominating them for the Russell J. Efros Foundation’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

Two K-12 art teachers from anywhere in the United States will each receive a $1,000 cash gift, plus an additional $500 to put toward art supplies for their classrooms. The award winners will be honored at the Fourth Annual Russell Sprouts Celebration of Life at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.

The deadline for nominations is October 31 and winners will be announced on November 3, 2021.

To nominate an art teacher, visit

About Russell Efros and the Russell J. Efros Foundation
Russell Efros was a New York-based filmmaker and musician. He wrote, directed, produced, and edited short films and music videos. He also wrote, recorded, and performed music with his band, Plain Dog, as lead singer and guitarist.

The Russell J. Efros Foundation sprouts creativity by providing direct support and community access to artists. We are fiercely pursuing Russell’s dreams, which have now become ours, to build a safe, warm, and nurturing community for creatives to express themselves, share their talents, create and collaborate with other artists, and gain access to the resources that they need to sprout and flourish.

In Philadelphia, a series of solo shows delves into the interdisciplinary practices of graduates whose work explores identity, familial bonds, political constructs, and nature’s fragility.

Despite his work’s apparent abstraction, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe insists that “I don’t invent anything, everything I do is my jungle and what is there.”

David Uzochukwu, Kennedi Carter, and Kiki Xue are among the 35 artists whose work will be displayed online and at the festival in Milan, Italy.

On November 14, join Columbia University School of the Arts for virtual information sessions with the program chair, faculty, and staff.

The stuff art dreams are made of.

No Vacancy, curated by Jody Graf, will be on view from October 26 through November 8 at the school’s Kellen Gallery in New York City.

Jane Schoenbrun talks to Hyperallergic about We’re All Going to the World’s Fair and making the internet cinematic.

To do so before they have returned the Maqdala treasures and the Benin Bronzes and the Easter Island statues and the Maori heads, before a coherent set of precepts for decolonization has been articulated, would affirm the wrong principle.

“Everybody in Mesopotamia, as far as I understand it, believed in ghosts,” said Irving Finkel, a curator of the British Museum’s Middle Eastern department.

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