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“Odenat Buoton” by Dulk in Ecaussinnes, Belgium – StreetArtNews

Street artist Dulk recently finish his second mural in Belgium. The artist stated that this piece is his first time painting over a brick surface mural. The piece was painted on a 180 years old school — which was founded by Odenat Bouton who saved a lot of children from the Nazi’s back in WWII.

This is my second mural in Belgium, a country where I’m always happy to be back. I finished my art studies there 13 years ago and it’s so special coming back to a place where I grew as an artist after such a long time. Working in this piece has been incredible, since the surface until the great production team from @allaboutth1ngs.

Growing makes our personality and knowledge unique for flying to the future.

Valencian artist Dulk, Antonio Segura, is one of the most important names in Valencian painting of the moment internationally. His body of work begins to form in urban art and mural painting—to which he remains closely linked today— along with study work, but does not stop there. He continues to research and constantly create new forms of expression through different media, drawing, sculpture or photography among others. True to its essence —with a strong ecological conviction to defend ecosystems and the most vulnerable species— this work invites the viewer to be part of a unique imaginarium, full of energy and with a special sensitivity to colour. A dream world with animals and natural spaces that tells personal, universal and unique stories.

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