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After gaining international recognition for its innovative social distancing circles, Domino Park today unveiled another safe and socially distanced outdoor public installation. Created by American new media artist Jen Lewin, Reflect is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that takes inspiration from the dynamic patterns created by organic systems found in nature. Spanning 2,400 square feet, the sculpture consists of three concentric rings, each made up of interactive platforms that respond to visitors’ steps, triggering splashes of light that create an ever-changing composition . The installation will encourage New Yorkers to pause for a moment of reflection and discovery, and inspire connection as the city enters a new era of hope and revival.

“Throughout 2020, Domino Park has worked to find creative ways to keep visitors both safe and engaged. As the uncertain start of another unprecedented year commences, Jen Lewin’s  installation at Domino Park will symbolize new beginnings and togetherness,” said Michael Lampariello, Director of Domino Park. “We are thrilled to feature such a distinguished, yet accessible, artist for all to enjoy here on Brooklyn’s waterfront.”

“This installation comes at just the right moment, people are craving safe ways to enjoy the city. Domino Park has always excelled at providing that, and this installation is no different,” said Kate Gavriel, Cultural Affairs Director of Two Trees Management Co. “We are thrilled to be working with the amazing artist Jen Lewin to create this unique and interactive public space for all New Yorkers to engage with and enjoy.”

“I’m thrilled that Reflect will make its American debut in my hometown of Brooklyn at Domino Park, where I hope New Yorkers will find a much-needed escape in the vibrant, playful nature of this work,” said Reflect artist Jen Lewin. “Reflect will continue to travel around the globe, bringing joy to adults and children alike during these extraordinary times.”

Reflect is the latest addition to Lewin’s “Have Art, Will Travel” program, a series of interactive sculptures that traverse the globe for short- and long-term exhibitions. The work is closely related to  the artist’s The Pool, a sculpture that has traveled to over 100 international exhibitions since 2008. Lewin’s next permanent installation, The Aurora, will be a two-story, permanent interactive sculpture that is programmed to reflect the seasons and live weather conditions in Minneapolis, and project the silhouettes of passers by onto the sculpture. It will debut in Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in March.

The installation is free and open to the public and launches March 5, 2021. The immersive exhibit is open to park visitors between 8 a.m. EST and 10 p.m. EST every day.

Jen Lewin is an American contemporary artist known internationally for her interactive light installations. Combining the beauty of the natural world with the transformative possibilities of human interactivity, Lewin’s large-scale public works have the ability to create community through connection. Inspired by naturally occuring patterns and phenomena , Lewin’s installations—which are often temporary—are always site specific and designed to interact within their surroundings. Lewin’s public installations have been commissioned for major events around the world including the Istanbul Light Festival, Vivid Sydney, Burning Man, Jerusalem Festival of Lights, Hong Kong Arts Festival, and Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi. Lewin currently lives and works in New York, NY.

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