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Sell More Art Online Using Canvy’s Pre-Styled Rooms


February 21, 2022


After spending your valuable time creating your latest and greatest artwork, the last thing you need is a battle with cumbersome photo editing software just to showcase it. Canvy is an online app designed to help artists easily create compelling mockups and make a great first impression in their online shops.

With more than 500 customizable rooms and new options added almost daily, Canvy is built around the idea that each artwork deserves a unique display. That’s why they offer interiors in a range of styles, allowing you to change the color of the room and furniture, to visualize your art on the wall, and perfectly match the environment to your practice and audience. is an online app to visualize pictures on wall to reach more potential buyers for your art

The same mockup room styled to match each artwork uniquely.

Canvy’s easy cropping and built-in frame tools ensure that every piece you highlight looks stunning and professional and that no mockup takes more than a few minutes to complete. Not sure what space suits your vibe? Get inspired by your fellow artists and try one of Canvy’s pre-styled rooms.

Once you’re done, you can export your mockups to Etsy on the fly and store your designs in Canvy’s digital database. The all-in-one platform helps you organize your works until they’re ready for the limelight and even offers its own site-building tool geared toward artists with unlimited content pages and traffic including free security.


Denise Comeau in her studio with her Canvy showcases from

Dramatic increase in sales with mockups

French-Canadian artist Denise Comeau started using Canvy to display her abstract watercolors that reflect life along Baie Sainte-Marie’s shores in Canada. She’s noticed a dramatic impact on her audience and sales since using the app. “Canvy is a game changer. Since using it, I have seen a huge improvement in both my social media impact and my online sales,” she says.


Martin Wessel owner of the danish online poster store

Showcasing made easier

Martin Wessel, the owner of Plakato, creates posters for each room of the house, and Canvy ensures that he doesn’t have to make an outsized investment in equipment or elaborately designed sets that come with a hefty price tag. “Canvy has made showcasing my posters in everyday scenarios a lot easier. The scenes are high quality and have that Scandinavian vibe which is spot on for my customers. Canvy is great help given that I don’t have equipment to make professional scenes to showcase my posters,” he says.

If you’d like to join Comeau, Wessel, and over 70,000 other creatives to see how Canvy can help simplify your practice, try a one-month Pro Membership for free!



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