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Shop 20 New Works from Sebastian Foster’s Fall Print Set — Colossal


November 23, 2022

Sebastian Foster

A print of a fox over a tree stump

Graham Francoise “Old Growth New Life”

Austin-based gallery Sebastian Foster just announced its 2022 Fall Print Set, marking the ten-year anniversary of the collection since it first launched in 2012. The new release features 20 works by well-established illustrators, printmakers, and painters from across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. Half of the artists have worked with the gallery for years, while the other half are guests who joined just for this collection.

This set features 20 works all published as relatively small editions, signed and numbered by the artists. Encompassing an eclectic array of mediums and themes, the collection showcases works from artists previously featured on Colossal, including Graham Franciose’s dreamlike watercolor works, Diana Sudyka’s fanciful storybook scenes, and Grant Haffner’s vibrant, flat landscapes bisected by his signature utility poles.

Now online-only, Sebastian Foster focuses on original works and prints, publishing over 1,000 editions since opening in the late 2000s. Whether you’re looking for the next piece to add to your collection or for meaningful holiday gifts, head to the gallery’s site to shop the Fall Print Set today.


A whimsical print of a fairy with animals

Diana Sudyka “Oak Guardian”

A print of a man standing in front of water

Adam Hall “Awakening”

A print of a vibrant painting of a road and sky

Grant Haffner “Dawn of New Day”

A print of a forest and lit cabins

Jeremy Miranda “Near the Wall”

A print of a portrait of a woman with tattoos

Anne Siems “Shine”

A print of a portrait of a seated woman

Caroline Ji “Sunset of Dissolution”

A print of a surreal work with hands, butterfly wings, and creatures

Mike McGrath “New songs to gently repel and persuade”

A print of a turntable in front of a window

Mike Howat “Circa 1984”

A print of a house and front lawn

Susan Abbott “Night Light”



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