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POINT3! in collaboration with NY-based artist Sen2 Figueroa, just released a new collection that includes a pair of shorts and compression sleeve.

The concept behind this collection is Sen2’s artistic nature closely related to fashion. For him, fashion and art are the perfect blend of creativity, ingenuity and risk. Each garment has a unique quality to it. Inspired by Sen2 abstract graffiti and pop art style, the collection conveys an intricate balance of lines, color, writing and strong gestural movements combined into one single composition.

Sandro Figueroa Garcia, artistically known as Sen2 Figueroa was born in 1969. He grew up in Canteras, a neighborhood of Santurce, Puerto Rico.

In the 1980’s his fascination with graffiti, color and letter forms took a hold of Sen2’s dreams. He chased his dreams to the streets of New York. Here he began to cultivate his love for urban art, creating graffiti murals and commercial work, but his vision was broader. It was at this point in his life that he met and joined the most famous graffiti crew ever assembled in the world to date: Tats Cru.

Sen2 evolved from spray painting wild-style pieces to developing mixed media works on canvases. He moved from classical New York graffiti art to a combination of graphic lettering styles with 3-D elements, imagery of pop art, and abstract art techniques.

Check out below for more images from the limited drop.

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