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United Kingdom’s Biggest Clean Air Mural by Nerone – StreetArtNews

The UK’s largest clean air mural has been unveiled at The Bulb, Southampton, as part of the £3.5m transformation of Nelson Gate into a new STEM community hub by FI Real Estate Management.

The striking 1,005 sq m mural by French Street Artist Nerone, used Graphenstone CO2 absorbing paint. These unique lime-based paints absorb CO2 as they cure, as part of the natural lime cycle (the majority in the first 30 days following application). It is estimated that the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by The Bulb mural will be around 65kg a year; equivalent to three grown trees, making it the largest clean air mural in the UK.

The mural, which covers the Grade A office building has introduced a splash of colour and a tropical aesthetic to the city. Nerone’s signature tropical flowers which intertwine with female portraiture wrap the building beautifully.

The piece took Nerone and the team from Lawless Studio® three weeks to complete, and was complemented by a series of community workshops and events which ran throughout the project. The final design was selected by the public, with over 10,000 votes cast.

Nerone says ‘It took 17 intense days working on this massive piece, sometimes feeling like a mountain climber because the wind and height of the building. But my team from Lawless Studio and I are really happy and proud with the result.

Especially because we have used ecological paint, so we can proudly say it’s a green piece of art! This giant project is definitely something I’ll take into account in myfuture projects, thinking about our planet is not a choice, it’s a must.’

Tim Knowles, Founder and Managing Director at FI Estate Management, commented: ‘The Bulb is an inspiring addition to the Southampton office market – its central location makes it ideal for companies working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to attract the fantastic talent pool in the city and beyond.’

Ryan Barber, Head of Office at FI Real EstateManagement, added: ‘This has been one of the most exciting and engaging projects I have worked on – the transformation is incredible, and we now have a stunning vibrant building where like-minded STEM businesses can come and work together.’

Nerone is a well-known French street artist who has conquered the art world with his sublime style of painting. As one of the most prolific French street artists of the 21st century, Nerone expanded the traditional practice of street art in ground breaking ways.

By mixing floral art in an abstract style, Nerone brings the spotlight onto the colours and blooming appeal of the subject. His art is unique. The chaos on the walls or canvas does not reflect the meticulous and inventive process that allows him to capture the motion. Nerone’s art represents a fresh breath in the world of street art. His compelling works of art speak to viewers in a very absorbing and dynamic way with an unstoppably upbeat vibe.

As he is aware of the various ecological challenges and economic problems of today’s world, Nerone constantly insists on spreading a positive message through his art. Throughout his career, he has been commissioned to work for different artistic events around the world, such as the International Flowers Festival in Seoul, the FIA Formula E Championship in Berlin, and the Flower Show Turkey in Istanbul. His colourful and outlandish walls can now be seen in many places, including Paris, New-York, Cartagena, Bangkok, Berlin, Marrakech and Seoul.

Check out below for more photos of Nerone’s latest project.

Photo credit: Hannah Judah.
Vid credit: Louis Thornton.

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