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“Waiting for the Wind” by David de la Mano in Bergamo, Italy – StreetArtNews

David de la Mano’s mural, titled “Waiting for the Wind,” graces the city of Bergamo, Italy, measuring an impressive 45 meters in length and 10 meters in height. This captivating artwork features a group of eight winged figures, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology’s Icarus. These ethereal beings find themselves in an imaginary realm, poised in anticipation of the wind’s arrival. Each winged figure exhibits a unique and powerful demeanor, infusing depth and dynamism into the composition.

These celestial beings, referred to as icaros, symbolize human ambition and the quest for freedom. Suspended gracefully in mid-air, their outstretched wings and diverse postures convey a spectrum of emotions and sentiments. Some exude an air of eager expectation, while others appear deeply engrossed in meditation, forging connections with their inner selves and the encompassing natural world. The mural’s background, meticulously crafted, imparts a sense of timelessness and otherworldly serenity.

“Waiting for the Wind” extends an invitation to viewers, encouraging reflection on the pursuit of freedom, the harmonious relationship with nature, and the significance of patience and introspection in the human journey. These winged figures symbolize the aspiration to transcend limitations and attain the seemingly unattainable, with the title hinting at the essential role that waiting plays in this profound odyssey.

The mural project was organized by the Tantemani Organization, a social cooperative that employs creative tools to work alongside individuals with cognitive disabilities and women with stories of resilience. Beyond artistic production, this endeavor views public art as a means of fostering relationships within and between communities.

This mural is part of the “This is us” project, which revolves around the concept of culture as a form of care. It contributes to Bergamo’s designation as the Italian Capital of Culture in 2023, alongside the city of Brescia, and benefits from collaboration with the True Quality Association (LINK Festival).

David de la Mano extends his heartfelt thanks to Simona Rota, Davide Pansera from Tantemani, and his dear friend @Nemo. Gratitude is also extended to the talented Mónica Taglietti and Marcello Palazzolo for their photography and video contributions to this remarkable artistic endeavor.

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