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As fear and chaos continue to engulf Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of the country, more than 350 artists, cultural workers, and arts organizations have signed an open letter urging the United States government to protect Afghan artists.

Released today, August 24, by a group named Arts for Afghanistan, the missive calls on the Biden administration to include Afghan artists, performers, writers, dramatists, filmmakers, photographers, visual journalists, and other cultural workers in the category of at-risk individuals facing immediate danger, saying they must be included in evacuation plans and visa policy revisions.

“Acting in solidarity with our peers in Afghanistan, we recognize the vulnerability of the country’s cultural workers, who are already being targeted by the Taliban and forced into hiding,” the open letter says. “Like Afghan journalists, activists, and citizens who have assisted the US, cultural workers face threats to their lives because of the work they’ve done — and they are unlikely to get out of the country without immediate changes to Washington’s approach to granting visas and providing flights.”  

The letter is signed by leading visual artists mostly based in the US, including Coco Fusco, Joyce Kozloff, Susan Meiselas, Naeem Mohaiemen, Walid Raad, Michael Rakowitz, Martha Rosler, Hank Willis Thomas, Cecilia Vicuña, and Martha Wilson. Signatories also include writers Teju Cole, Hari Kunzru, Viet Thanh Nguyenm, and Lynne Tillman; actors Michael Ealy and Khatira Rafiqzada; and filmmakers Alexandria Bombach, Carol Dysinger, and Ian Olds.

The statement was also endorsed by several arts and humans rights organizations including PEN America, the Authors Guild, Creative Capital, CECArtsLink, For Freedoms, Magnum Foundation, and others.

The group demands the US expedite its processing of Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans who worked with its government. They also urge visas for cultural workers and the removal of the requirement that such documentation be processed in a third country. The signatories also implore the US government to hold the Taliban accountable to commitments made during the Doha negotiations, including the safeguarding of the right to free expression by all members of society and of all aspects of cultural heritage.

“Destroying art and artists has never been incidental to the Taliban’s project,” the letter warns, expressing distrust of the Taliban’s promises. “In fact, doing so is at the very foundation of the Taliban’s claim to legitimate power, which is based on a vision of Afghanistan as only ever having been a monoethnic, monotheistic society,” it continues. “Afghanistan’s cultural heritage undermines the Taliban’s claim to power and contradicts the underlying vision. But if a new vision of Afghanistan’s future is ever to emerge, the country’s dreamers must survive.”

In a separate statement shared with Hyperallergic, Arts for Afghanistan provided a link to a Google form for those interested in adding their signature while encouraging “all those who work in the arts and believe the United States must keep its promises to protect at-risk allies — including those who will be targeted because of their devotion to free expression and truth telling — to add their names to this call.”

The group also provided a list of resources for institutions and individuals who wish to volunteer to support Afghan refugees, including sponsoring or hosting artists at risk.

“Alongside our peers in Afghanistan, we are watching events with great concern,” the group said. “We are demanding swift action to aid Afghans who have risked so much over the years to create independent, defiant, and transformative work — and whose lives are now at risk as a result.”

Read Arts for Afghanistan’s letter, reproduced in full, below:

We are writing to urge the United States government to do everything in its power to facilitate the departure from Afghanistan of at-risk Afghans, and to include artists, performers, writers, dramatists, filmmakers, photographers, and visual journalists in that category. As a group of individuals—artists, filmmakers, performers, writers, curators—and institutions, acting in solidarity with our peers in Afghanistan, we recognize the vulnerability of the country’s cultural workers, who are already being targeted by the Taliban and forced into hiding. Like Afghan journalists, activists, and citizens who have assisted the US, cultural workers face threats to their lives because of the work they’ve done—and they are unlikely to get out of the country without immediate changes to Washington’s approach to granting visas and providing flights.

Even before the Taliban’s takeover, cultural workers took grave risks in depicting the experiences and articulating the aspirations of Afghans, with the encouragement—and, often, direct support—of the US government. Now, the vocation of truth-telling has become much more dangerous, and many of our peers see no choice but to leave the country. In addition to standing with advocates for journalists and activists, we insist on the protection of all who have devoted themselves to fostering free expression and civil society in Afghanistan. We make the following demands of the US government, in order to save lives and fulfill the promises made to Afghan allies, colleagues, and friends:

• Take immediate action (through the State Department and Department of Homeland Security) to facilitate expedited visa processing and provide asylum for all vulnerable Afghans.

• Immediately include cultural workers in the categories being used to refer at-risk Afghans for evacuation lists.

• Hold the Taliban accountable to commitments made during the Doha negotiations and to international human rights norms, including the safeguarding of the right to free expression by all members of society and of all aspects of cultural heritage.

Additionally, we stand with other advocates and Afghan citizens in calling on the US government to:

• Remove—or, at least, increase—the quotas for Afghan refugees, and permanently halt any deportations of Afghan refugees currently in progress.

• Keep the Kabul airport open until all at-risk Afghans who wish to evacuate have done so, and allow chartered, commercial, and humanitarian flights to operate out of the airport under the protection of the US. 

• Expedite the processing of Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans who worked with the US government, as well as visas for cultural workers, and remove the requirement that such visas be processed in a third country. (This unnecessary, burdensome rule is jeopardizing the safety of visa applicants.) Instead, allow all visas to be processed either in Afghanistan or the US. 

• Indefinitely suspend the standard (and various) term limits and reapplication requirements for SIV, P-2, and humanitarian parole visas granted to Afghans or, instead, create a new class of extended Temporary Protected Status for all Afghan refugees.  

• Continue to offer international exchange programs and visas for Afghan students.

In addition to the above demands, we call on governments of all nations to facilitate the evacuation and resettlement of Afghan refugees by offering asylum and aid. And we call on Americans and US cultural institutions to bolster our demands by communicating them directly to local and national representatives.

Destroying art and artists has never been incidental to the Taliban. In fact, doing so is at the very foundation of the Taliban’s claim to legitimate power, which is based on a vision of Afghanistan as only ever having been a monoethnic, monotheistic society. Afghanistan’s cultural heritage undermines the Taliban’s claim to power and contradicts the underlying vision. But if a new vision of Afghanistan’s future is ever to emerge, the country’s dreamers must survive.

Alongside our peers in Afghanistan, we are watching events with great concern, and we are demanding swift action to aid Afghans who have risked so much over the years to create independent, defiant, and transformative work—and whose lives are now at risk as a result.

To add your signature, please use this form.


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As Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s ad for Tiffany’s stirs up controversy, some question the company’s suggestion that the blue hue of Basquiat’s painting was inspired by the brand.

I would argue there is no anti-racist practice without empathy, without the capacity to overcome bias and think deeply about the experience of others, and to treat them with care.

Around Asheville, people have volunteered their front yards to showcase Suzanne Schireson’s portraits.

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