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Ata Berenjian

Ata Berenjian

Can you tell me a little about yourself, your background, and when you first started working full-time as an artist?

I am based in Tehran, Iran. I’ve lived quite a nomadic life from city to city until moving back to my homeland in 2009. Visual Communication was my major in university, that’s where my interest in art started. And I have started working full time as an artist for the past year.


Can you tell me about your current studio and working routine?What are your habits? What music do you usually listen to?

I have a home based studio space at the moment. I usually ponder a lot when it comes to creating a work, and this usually starts with something to stimulate my mind : coffee and cigarettes. Music has a huge role to play to for sure, I have an eclectic taste but generally stick to more upbeat stuff when it comes to creating art. Such as John Talabot, Com Truise, Neon Indian, then I jump into hip hop/rap with A$AP and some oldies like Notorious BIG & Nas.

We would like to know more about your style, what meanings do you want to convey to the viewer?

I tend to jump here and there when it comes to my style, it isn’t very fixed right now. I would call it a ultra naive pop art intertwined with neo expressionism and a hint of street art. For me it’s important to get a punchy instant emotion from the viewer,  awakening their inner child.

Could you tell me about the works of yours that are currently in progress in your studio?

I am currently working on more themes related to commercialism & popular culture in our high tech fast paced chaotic world.

Is there a particular manner in how you plan your works? Do you begin with preparatory sketches of some form, or do you prefer to work in an improvised manner?

I generally tend to use everything at my disposal for planning new works. It can be abstract ideas in my mind but eventually I will either put these down either on a notepad or with my fingers on a sketch app on my smartphone. Their is a lot of trial and error here, and improvisation does play a role for sure.

What future exhibitions/projects do you have scheduled?

I am excited to have a pop up art exhibition with Kapudag Gallery in the beautiful city of Istanbul (June 2019)

In relation to social media and more specifically Instagram, what are your thoughts on this as a platform to engage with new audiences? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Instagram or other online social media platforms?

Instagram is a great platform to showcase my work and interact with other artists and art lovers. It is a glass window to the world and you can be current with every dimension of life. It allows an artist to have their own virtual art gallery with no boundaries or rules to dampen the creative spirit.

Can you highlight some of your influences and discuss how your influences have made an impact on you and your practice?

I have to say Jean Michel Basquiat was a great influence for me. Graphic design also played a significant role, such as the Bauhaus movement. Finally, Instagram and the great artists that have popped up there have had a profound eye opening experience.

Any last points or thoughts you would like to share?

Thanks for the opportunity !

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