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Preston Paperboy

Preston Paperboy

Can you tell us about yourself? Where did your artist passion begin? How did art become your work occupation?

I’ve played with creativity throughout my life. The hunger to express through art really hit me in my early 20’s. I studied Architecture at University and fell straight into a dream job. As time passed, I began to question myself, who I was and where I was going. I left these questions unanswered for some time. Art started to become an escapism from “normal’; and at my lowest, I was dependent on it – that is where the passion began.

Most people don’t actually know my artistic career is still fundamentally “part-time” – I still work a few days a week as an architect – in short, I guess the answer to the occupation question is – not yet.

The childhood dream has always been to design & live in my own house. There will be a point soon where art becomes full time, it is the end goal — but right now I am enjoying the best of both worlds.


Preston Paperboy painting

How was your working schedule before lockdown and how does it look like now?

With my daughter being born last September, my schedule had shifted to ensure I didn’t miss those valuable early moments as a family – home based night shifts. I think I was unknowingly preparing for lockdown.

Preston Paperboy Artwork

Out of curiosity, do you have a daily routine such as habits or morning rituals to channel a productive workday in the studio?

Coffee & music is the usual recipe. I find cleaning and organisation of my space helps clear my mind between paintings.

Preston Paperboy Piece of art

If someone were to ask, how would you describe your artwork?

An experimental mix of portraiture and abstract expressionism.

Abstract expressionist painting by Preston Paperboy

What projects/works are currently in progress in your studio?

I have been working on a number of smaller scale experiments – 12inch paper works and 24 inch canvas. Right now I am going back to larger canvas.

What is your style? Is the artwork pre-planned or improvised?

I admire those who can plan work. My work is semi-planned out in my head but one thing leads to another. Generally, I just paint in the moment.

What are the upcoming plans for the remaining year?

I’m going close out this year by bringing together all the lessons and happy mistakes I have learnt through this lockdown experimentation for a new chapter of works to come in 2021.

Eyes of Preston Paperboy, the artist

When it comes to Instagram, what are the pros and cons of using the profile? Do you consider Instagram an important platform for today’s’ working artists?

Pros – you can reach such a huge audience. Cons – that’s a huge amount of critics.

Preston Paperboy abstract art

Could you mention any artistic influences and how their influence impacted you and your practice?

Early influences were Cy twombly & Basquiat. Nowadays humble people have a huge impact on me, my process isn’t fixed right now and there are a handful of notable people who have spoken to me about my work and they are the moments that give me great energy.

Where should interested collectors buy your artwork?

Feel free to contact me via my website –

Tell our readers any thoughts you want to share.

If you have made it this far – thank you.

– escapism is important. enjoy life more.

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