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Ricardo Passaporte

Ricardo Passaporte

Can you tell us about yourself? Where did your artist passion begin? How did art become your work occupation?

A lot of people from my family is related to art. My great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather were photographers and my grandfather was a painter. My interest to arts begins when I was little.
It only become my work occupation since 2015, I didn’t studied art on college, that’s why I started a bit late.



Out of curiosity, do you have a daily routine such as habits or morning rituals to channel a productive workday in the studio?

I drink a lot of expresso and smoke a lot, before, during and after work.
I don’t like to chill in my studio, there is no sofa, only one chair.

If someone were to ask, how would you describe your artwork?

It depends on my day mood. Sometimes painting is relax, sometimes is war, sometimes is productive and sometimes is destructive.

What is your style? Is the artwork pre-planned or improvised?

The content is pre-planned but the action is most of the times improvised.


What are the upcoming plans for the remaining year?

I’ll be part of a group exhibition in Copenhagen in the end of the year. That’s all for 2019.
I’ll have good thing coming for 2020.


Could you mention any artistic influences and how their influence impacted you and your practice?

I’m super influenced by the 80’s graffiti movement, I’m also influenced by some outside artists as Freddie Brice or Bill Traylor.


Where should interested collectors buy your artwork?

From the people I work with.

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