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Richie Culver

Richie Culver

Tell us a little about yourself, where did your passion for art begin and how did it become your work?

I am not sure where my passion for art came from. I did not grow up around art. It’s just something I feel a strong urge to do and pursue.  I have worked some jobs I really disliked, so I definitely have a passion not to do a job I hate again.


I am curious if you have a daily working routine? Do you have any morning rituals or habits that contribute towards a productive day within the studio?

No set routine really. I’m still trying to work that one out. Time in the studio is precious atm. Which makes it difficult.

I paint fast and work with no real strategy, mistakes are a big part of my process, Navigating them in the right direction.

How would describe your work to someone?

I would describe my works as paintings and 3-dimensional works mainly.

What projects/works are currently in progress in your studio?

I’m currently working on much bigger sculptures for a show in November.

Tell us about your style. Are you considering the concept of the painting before its creation or is it improvisation?

My style is pretty messy. As is my studio. It’s how I work best.

What are the plans for the remainder of this year?

I have a group show at the California Institute of the arts opening tomorrow. And a group shows coming later in the year at Ruttkowski 68. There are a few more shows in the pipe line also.

What do you feel are the pros and cons of Instagram, and do you consider Instagram important for artists working today?

I think Instagram is a great tool for artists to use. I see it as a positive rather than a negative in general.   I find social media a negative aspect of society though.

Can you highlight some of your influences and discuss how your influences have made an impact on you and your practice?

I am influenced by many things. My work is kind of autobiographical, so much of my influences are aspects of my life or past. I’m not so much influenced by other artists.

Your thoughts that you would like to share with our readers.

Everyone be happy and do your thing.

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